[Tweeters] Western Kingbird in Magnolia neighborhood - Seattle

Berglunds dabergls at comcast.net
Thu Jul 14 17:24:59 PDT 2005


I was out in the back yard a few minutes ago and had a Western Kingbird
perch at the top of a cedar for about 10 minutes. It then flew over the
house and by the time I raced around to the front it was not in sight. My
house is about a block south of Discovery Park so this would be in the
direction of the south meadow.

A Birders Guide to Washington says Western Kingbird in Western Washington
breeds in small numbers in the Fort Lewis area and the Skagit area (both a
long way S and N of Seattle), otherwise rare in migration.

Scott Berglund
Seattle WA
dabergls at comcast.net

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