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Doug Schonewald dschone8 at donobi.net
Thu Jul 14 20:05:08 PDT 2005


Sorry for the late post, but IP problems delayed my email capability.

Yesterday evening Barb and I found an Golden-Plover at Perch Point on
Potholes Reservoir. This bird appeared to be a female in molt and showed
some strange characteristics. The underwing showed no dark axillars so
definitely some type of Golden-Plover and not Black-bellied. Here lies the
problem. The bird showed characteristics of Pacific Golden-Plover, but this
is highly unlikely as there are very few inland records of this species and
the time of year is very poor for this bird. The bird was very skittish and
eventually flew, along with two other plovers that were on a far point

I was unable to relocate it this evening, but it could still be present and
I was just not in the right place at the right time. As is the case with
these birds, sometimes they must remain 'Golden-Plover'.

If you should be in the area stop by and take a look for this bird.

Other birds present included:

Semipalmated Plover - 1 in very nice breeding plumage
Semipalmated Sandpiper - 1 adult
Western Sandpiper - 40 or 50 all adults
Least Sandpiper - 20+ all adults
Greater Yellowlegs - 3 adults
Black-necked Stilt - 1
Killdeer - many
Large unidentified Plover - 2 (heat waves and distance made ID impossible)

Nothing else unusual, but a nice group of birds.


Doug Schonewald
Moses Lake, WA
dschone8 at donobi.net
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