[Tweeters] Slightly off topic; Question for users of Adobe Photoshop Elements for bird photos

Mike Wile mikewile at comcast.net
Fri Jul 15 11:28:34 PDT 2005


I recently bought a new camera and telephoto along with Adobe Photoshop 
Elements.   What I had hoped to do in Photoshop was to set up a 'photo 
album' in taxonomic order with placeholders for all ABA birds.  Then, as I 
photographed birds, I would replace the placeholder with the photo.  If I 
subsequently took a better picture, I would replace the original.

I am quite new to Photoshop, but have spent some time playing around.  So 
far, I have not been able to achieve what I had hoped to do.  Do any of you 
Photoshop Superusers have a recommendation on how to do this (or, perhaps, a 
better idea) for categorizing my bird photos?

Thank You

Mike Wile
mikewile at comcast.net

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