[Tweeters] Today at Mud Lake Burn

Rolan Nelson rnbuffle at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 16 19:29:05 PDT 2005

Greetings Tweets,

Today John English and I made a run over to the Mud Lake Burn (Yakima County) DeLorme p.50, B-2.

The weather was clear, mild, but windy. There were not as many woodpeckers as in June, but we were able to locate one Black-Backed Woodpecker, a pair of White-headed Woodpeckers, plus heard 2 or 3 Hairy Woodpeckers and several Flickers. A couple of special treats for the day were two families of Chukars (4 adults and approx. 20 juveniles) just before Mud Lake itself, and a roosting Common Nighthawk on the bare limb of a burnt tree in the burn area.

A nice day and Great Weather! on the east side.


Rolan Nelson
Fircrest, WA
rnbuffle at yahoo.com

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