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	Barb and I spent part of the day working the shorebirds at Perch Point
again. This site is one where typical Western washington shorebirds appear
with some regularity. In the past several years this site has produced many
adult Sanderlings, good numbers of Black-bellied and Semipalmated Plover,
American Golden-Plover, and at least two Ruddy Turnstones.
	Today we located a single American Golden-Plover. The long wing extension
and lack of dark axillaries was evident. It was last seen flying to the
north along the rubble beach running from Perch Point to the north sections
of Potholes Reservoir.
	This bird is definitely a different plover than the one seen last
Wednesday. Several very good shorebird experts have indicated the Wednesday
bird was a Pacific Golden-Plover. A site and county first bird.
	We were unable to relocate the Sanderlings seen yesterday, and Western and
Least Sandpipers numbers seem to fluctuate daily. The numbers were down
somewhat today, with only a few dozen of each.

Good Birding

Doug Schonewald
Moses Lake, WA
dschone8 at donobi.net
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