[Tweeters] Hawk in Holland

Connie Sidles csidles at isomedia.com
Mon Jul 18 08:49:17 PDT 2005

Hey tweets, My husband recently returned from a trip to Holland, where he
found a falconer with a great job: keeping pigeons away from passengers in
railway stations. John told me:

"This guy *loved* his hawk (falcon?) so much that he would whisper in its
ear & kiss it (when he thought no one was looking).  The hawk's job was to
scare away the pigeons and sparrows, thus preventing them  from creating a
fecal 'rain of terror' on the respectable Dutch citizens! The hawk was
*highly* effective at this -- both bird an man were happy."

John's hawk pictures, taken at the Eindhoven station in the Netherlands,
are now on-line at his web site:


John was wondering if anyone out in tweetsland could identify this hawk. To
me it looks like a Harris's Hawk, except for the white patched on its wings.
What say you? - Connie, Seattle

csidles at u.washington.edu

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