[Tweeters] Northern Pygmy Owl with Oriole

Rolan Nelson rnbuffle at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 18 23:09:30 PDT 2005


If you can, please post your photo for all of us to see. Thanks!


Joy Markgraf <joymarkgraf at gorge.net> wrote:
Hi Tweeters;
This evening an irate Robin called my attention to a Northern Pygmy-Owl
perched in the maple tree in our front yard. There was still enough
light so that I was able to get a photo of it. When I saw the photo on
iphoto I was amazed because the owl had a Bullock's Oriole in its
talons. According to Sibley a N. Pygmy-Owl weighs 2.5 oz.
and an oriole 1.3 oz. The length of a NOPO is 6.25" compared to an
oriole's 9". Anyone interested in seeing this let me know.
Joy Stickney-Markgraf

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