[Tweeters] Eastern Kingbird in Snohomish

Andy Papadatos apmf at msn.com
Mon Jul 18 23:54:07 PDT 2005

Hello Tweeters. Today in Snohomish I saw for the first time a pair of Eastern Kingbirds. I believe this to be an unusual occurrence for our area, so I figured I'd better report it. The location was along the eastern fork of the Snohomish River, near Fobes Hill. To get there head north on Fobes Road from where in intersects with Skipley Rd., and drive down the hill for about a half mile. When the road levels out you will pass a blue? barn, then turn into a primitive parking area on the left. There will be a chained gait with a Snohomish County sign for authorized vehicle access only. Walk around this gait and continue for 100 yards till you approach the (river) dike. I saw the Kingbirds here and further along the dike heading south. Please let me know if this is indeed an unusual find since I'm not entirely familiar with this birds' distribution west of the Cascades.

Thank you.

Andy Papadatos
Snohomish, WA
apmf at msn.com<mailto:apmf at msn.com>

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