[Tweeters] Ptarmigan Ridge

Larry Schwitters lpatters at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jul 18 21:26:02 PDT 2005


Sunday found us up at the Mt Baker Ski Resort looking for the mystery 
trail that heads down Well's Creek and close to Mazama Falls.  As the 
route skirts Ptarmigan Ridge we figured we might have a chance of 
running into one of those fowl.  Not only didn't we find the trail, we 
saw 0 birds.  It wasn't just no Ptarmigans.  It was no swifts, no 
swallows, no robins, no nothing.  Zero.  Zip.  Pretty strange.  The 
strangeness continues.  As we were leaving the ski area guess what's 
walking down the road.  Yup, a White-tailed Ptarmigan.

Larry Schwitters

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