[Tweeters] Birds of Ecuador?

Brendan McGarry UglyDuckling at comcast.net
Tue Jul 19 13:19:29 PDT 2005

Hey Folks,
So I am headed down to Ecuador here in two weeks and though I have been spending a ton of time studying what the birds I am going to be seeing look like, I haven't thought too much about their vocal aspects. Basically, I am wondering if anyone out there has any bird song cds or tapes of the birds of Ecuador. I am going to be around Quito for a week and spending another week in the Amazon at the Sacha Lodge (so Terra Firme and Vareaza forest mainly). IF anyone would be willing to let me borrow those cds for a little while before I leave I would be greatful. I will be learning mostly everything down there in real life anyway but it doesn't hurt to brush up a little bit. Thanks a lot in advance.

Brendan McGarry
Seattle, WA
Uglyduckling at comcast.net

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