[Tweeters] Subject: Cassin's Finches at Hardy Burn parking area

Scott Atkinson scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 19 17:26:16 PDT 2005


Gary's and others' Cassin's Finches up at the Mt. Hardy burn follow a 
pattern of occurrence there.  The species is uncommon but regular in this 
area; I had one at Cutthroat Pass (Skagit Co side) a few Augusts back, and 
had single birds twice.  History shows that in the years immediately 
following the fire, a number of birders had them there, but the Wiggers hit 
the record with a group of 45 in late August one year.  Other reports have 
involved single birds or small numbers (2-3).

Other note for Skagit bird enthusiasts:  the Grassmere BC Hummingbird was 
just the third for the county.  Does anyone out there have the date?

Scott Atkinson
Lake Stevens, WA (but presently again in Houston)
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