[Tweeters] The Robin and the Snake

MaryFrances Mathis mf.mathis at verizon.net
Thu Jul 21 13:57:49 PDT 2005


This morning at Juanita Bay Park I witnessed an unusual and highly amusing
spectacle. A male robin, with a fledgling in tow, caught an 8" garter
snake, and proceeded to not only subdue it, but to try to feed it to his
"kid." The snake, writhing continually, attempted to escape, but the robin
kept biting down on it, occasionally dropping and then grabbing it again
before it could slither away. With the snake thrashing in its bill, he
would try offering it to junior, who looked totally befuddled, and then dad
would continue the battle. At one point, the snake attached itself to the
breast of the robin, who jumped, and started thrashing himself to get free
of it. When the snake's head reappeared, there were small white feathers
sticking from its jaws. After a couple of more minutes, and less and less
movement from the snake, the robin got it bunched in his beak, and once
again tried to offer it to his offspring, who continued to not have a clue
as to what he was supposed to do. Finally, papa robin flew off with the
snake, with junior in hot pursuit.

Interesting feeding strategy, to say the least. Did the robin think that he
had captured the Godzilla of all worms?

MaryFrances Mathis
mf.mathis at verizon.net


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