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Forwarded info about OFO meeting.
See the link for info and registration.
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> Hi All,


> Please keep an eye out for the OFO Annual Meeting announcement and

> registration form, recently mailed to all OFO members. It should be

> arriving any day and contains information on our upcoming meeting at


> Oregon University in La Grande, this coming August 19th-21st.


> Diana Bradshaw, OFO webmaster has also posted the same information on our

> website at www.oregonbirds.org


> Of course non-members will also be welcome to attend. We are going to


> a great meeting with good food, outstanding speakers and interesting field

> trips in a beautiful part of the state. Just print out the registration

> form from the website an email to myself or Judy Meredith

> (jmeredit at bendnet.com) and we can get you set up.


> Keep in mind there are a limited number of rooms available through E.O.U.


> the residence hall, so please mail in your registration form early. We


> to have a final tally in advance, so there is a deadline of August 1st to

> get them in the mail. We look forward to seeing you there!


> I would be happy to hear comments and answer any questions.


> Best regards,



> Dave


> David Tracy

> davect at bendnet.com

> Bend, OR




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