[Tweeters] Hosts of Brown-headed Cowbirds

Dougnpip at aol.com Dougnpip at aol.com
Sun Jul 24 08:52:24 PDT 2005

Yesterday I had an interesting sight. While birding near Gardiner Beach
in Jefferson County, I observed a Warbling Vireo and an Orange-crowned
Warbler feeding a single cowbird flegling. I had read once that Warbling Vireos
generally reject cowbird eggs so perhaps the O-c Warbler was the parent? No
matter what, both birds were working feverishly to satisfy the young cowbird.
Birding elsewhere were generally slow, 2 Marbled Godwits, a Semisand
at the 3-Crabs area with lots of BB Plovers, Western, Least Sandpipers, Semipal
Plovers and a Lesser Yellowlegs in the wetland behind the resturant area.
Helen's Pond was very quiet.
Good birding,
Doug Watkins
Bainbridge Is Wa

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