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There are 3 good and safe spots to stop along Sinclair Inlet (Bremerton) as you are heading north on Highway 16.  The first is a wildlife lookout just past the Bonsai Gardens on your right.  The second is in Gorst, behind the Topless Joint. (By this time you are on Highway 3)  It's painted BRIGHT GREEN and is the last "business" in Gorst, right under the overpass.  The creek drains into the inlet at this point, so there is usually lots of gull activity.  The last stop is between Gorst the the Naval Base you saw.  It's a fence company, again on your right.   Park in their lot and walk around their lagoon to the railroad tracks.  From these tracks, the winter display of scoters can be wonderful!
Two favorite Bainbridge spots of mine are the public dock at the southwest "corner" of the island and the park at the back of Blakely Harbor.  Check on a local Bainbridge map for good directions.
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Later this week I have to make a trip to Winslow on Bainbridge Island to deliver a piece of art work for the August Bainbridge Island Arts Walk and wish to combine this trip with a birding outing. Gasoline prices being what they are I don't want to make the expensive trip for "business" only since I had to travel there last Thursday to check-out the store's display area; that time I took the long way around by land (crossed via Tacoma Narrows bridge) and returned to Mukilteo by the Edmonds ferry. As I drove north on Rt 16 at Bremerton (big naval ships loomed ahead at the next exit) I noted a black & white bird that must have been a Bonaparte's or Franklin's gull, but saw no easy way to pull off where I was. This time I would like to plan a birding break. Can any of you tell me the best place to stop and bird the water at Bremerton? The ferry docks at both Winslow, Kingston and Edmonds were very "un-birdy" when I was there last week! Any "hot spots" on Bainbridge this !
time of year?

At the risk of being "bleeped" for breaking a listing rule....the subject of my piece of art work is the Great Blue Heron.


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