[Tweeters] Sabine's Gull in the Nisqually Reach

Kraig,Eric kraige at oclc.org
Sun Jul 24 11:45:54 PDT 2005

Yesterday, Saturday June 23rd, there was a juvenile Sabine's Gull hanging out in the long tide rip that extends west from Lyle Point on Anderson Island.  It was in the company of a couple hundred Bonaparte's Gulls, but it was easy to pick out on the water due to it's dark grayish back and head, and particularly easy to spot when it flew, with its bold black-and-white wing pattern.  When the rip was really rolling, most of the gulls were actively feeding, but when the current slowed, they settled on to the water.  This rip is pretty far out to view from land, but you never know, it might wander over towards Tolmie or Luhr Beach. 
Also out there:  Quite a few Marbled Murrelets, and a pair of Common Terns resting on a floating log.  
Eric Kraig
Olympia, WA
mailto:kraige at oclc.org 

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