[Tweeters] Sabine's Gull continues at Luhr Beach

Jason Paulios jpaulios at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 24 23:20:48 PDT 2005

Tweeters, a quick note to say that Keith Brady and I saw the distant
juvenile SABINE'S GULL this afternoon at around 2:00. The tide was very low
and the bird was seen flying along the very northern edges of the tide line
on the Nisqually Reach flats. The bird is very distinctive, even at this
distance, look for the black wedge in the wing as well as the brownish-dark
back in flight. It was loosely hanging around with the Bonaparte's Gulls.
The bird was seen flying for maybe 30 seconds (only about 10 seconds of
viewing diagnostic marks) so keep your eyes peeled out there. A boat would
have been very handy....Nudge nudge Thurston boat owners! You know my phone

Another pleasant surprise at this locale was a single LONG-BILLED CURLEW
seen near the mouth of McAllister Creek area on the exposed mudflats. This
is my second sighting of this species at Luhr, and I believe the Sullivan's
have seen Curlew on the refuge proper. So Luhr Beach continues to amaze
Thurston County listers! If only birding was more enjoyable from this spot
(those who bird here regularly know what I'm talking about).

Talked to a Nisqually volunteer who said that the NW corner of the refuge
had good mudflats last week. So it might be worthwhile to make the trek out
there for other goodies before it dries up!

Jason Paulios
Jpaulios at earthlink.net
Olympia, WA

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