[Tweeters] West Point and Point Wells Birds

Carol Riddell cariddell at mac.com
Sun Jul 24 18:01:09 PDT 2005

Hi Tweets,

Yesterday afternoon I was at West Point at the time of the minus tide.
There were 30-40 RHINOCEROS AUKLETS off the point.  I saw one MEW GULL and
visible.  A SHARP-SHINNED HAWK flew along the shore and then veered across
the beach toward to treatment plant.

Today I used the minus tide to walk down to Point Wells to check on the
PURPLE MARTINS.  There were either 9 or 10, depending on whether there were
two or three adult males.  There was feeding activity at the one gourd and
in two of the boxes.  I saw one male bringing insects to the gourd and then
a while later saw two males, each bringing food to a different box.  So did
I see two or three males total?  Today's unanswered question.  One of the
adult BALD EAGLES was perched in the highest tree up on the bluff.  The male
BELTED KINGFISHER was working the area around the Point Wells pilings.
Twenty-six CANADA GEESE were to the south.  There were seven CASPIAN TERNS,
several MEW GULLS and several HEERMANN'S GULLS among the GLAUCOUS-WINGED
GULLS.  About six GREAT BLUE HERONS were fishing peacefully and one OSPREY
was winging its way north along the shore with a fish in its talons.  There
were lots and lots of CROWS and 14 DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS were on the old
oil dock that separates Marina Beach from the off-leash dog free-for-all.

I made a quick stop at the Senior Center to check on the Edmonds martins.
There was activity at all three gourds on the single piling and in one gourd
on the triple.  At neither Point Wells nor at Edmonds did I see any nestling

Carol Riddell

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