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Sat Jul 30 07:45:50 PDT 2005

Bob Flores raises a good point - no reason to go stinting if the tide's
way out or way in. Tide tables are notoriously inexact with our
twisty-turny coastline up here, but here's the general times for

Sat, 7/30 -

Lo ~6 a.m., -0.2
Hi ~2:40 p.m. +6.7
Lo ~6:20 p.m. +6.1

Sun, 7/31

Lo ~7 a.m., -0.5
Hi ~3:45 p.m., +7.4
Lo ~8 p.m., +6.3

Mon, 8/1

Lo ~7:50 a.m., -0.7
Hi ~ 4 p.m., +7.6
Lo ~ 9 p.m., +6.3

It seems your best choice is the incoming tide during late
morning/early afternoon.

Also, we locals have tried to build up good birding relationships with
businesses and residents at Dungeness and 3 Crabs, so please everyone
be on your best behavior! The restaurant opens at 11:30 a.m., so try
not to park in their lot after that time unless you'd like to enjoy a
bowl of clam chowder for lunch. If you do, tell them about the stint
and be sure to thank them for putting up with us crazy birders.

Bob Boekelheide

Subject: tides for red-necked stint
From: "Bob Flores" <rflores AT smwireless.net>
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 07:00:15 -0700

Could someone please let me know what are the tides/times going to be
Sunday, tomorrow?


Bob Flores
Othello, WA_______________________________________________
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