[Tweeters] Re: red-necked stint?

Ryan Shaw rtshaw80 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 30 15:11:13 PDT 2005

Bob and others,

Yes, the Stint was seen, and seen quite well today by about 50 birders next 
to the Three Crabs Restaurant, at about 9:30 this morning.  Charlie Wright, 
Tracey Norris and I stayed for about an hour, and it was still there when we 
left.  A couple of Semipalmated Sandpipers were also present at the same 
location, and we had a few Bairds at the Oysterhouse access to the west of 
Three Crabs, and another Baird's at the Native American Art Gallery near the 
7 Cedars Casino before we headed back to get the chores done that were put 
off to chase the bird!

Cheers and Good Birding

Ryan Shaw
rtshaw80 at hotmail.com

>Has anyone a report today?_______________________________________________

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