[Tweeters] Caspian Terns Pier 90/91

Ruth Taylor rutht at seanet.com
Sun Jul 31 17:48:08 PDT 2005

Hi All:

There were roughly 70 Caspian Terns on the east side of the roof of building
C-173 at Pier 90 (just south of the Magnolia Bridge) around midday today -
with more coming in as I left.  I'm sure there were more on the west side of
the roof, where I couldn't see them. I counted 9 juveniles. Does anyone have
any ideas where these birds are coming from or where they're breeding?  I
looked for bands, but saw only bare legs.
These harsh-voiced, angular, stylish birds are one of my favorite birds of
summer. In past years, I used to find them at Pier 90/91 regularly, but had
not for the last two or three years.
Also in the area were three adult male Purple Martins (near the pilings
where there are a few gourds) and at least one juvenile Osprey in the nest
at Pier 91.

    Ruth Taylor
    rutht at seanet.com

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