[Tweeters] Red Crossbills

Sherry Hagen littlebirder at pacifier.com
Wed Jun 8 07:16:24 PDT 2005

I have heard that there are about 9 or so subspieces of Red Crossbills. That they are told apart by which way the bill crosses, location and calls.

I was in the Spokane valley the third week in May visiting my sister who has Red Crossbills coming to her feeders for the first time. I photographed them hoping to get a better picture. As I looked at the digitals yesterday, I realized that she had two different bill crosses thus two different subspecies (I assume). I never heard them call.

My Question: Does anyone know where the subspecies are? Are there two subspecies in Spokane? Which ones are there?

Sherry Hagen
Vancouver, WA
littlebirder at pacifier.com

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