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On June 11, an East Lake Washington Audubon field trip to 3 major stops in 
Eastern Washington included 80 bird species. Rain showers, temperatures from 43 
to 75 and wind challenged the group as well as the birds.  At Tinkham Exit off 
I-90, two American Dippers were being fed by a parent. At Snoqualmie Pass, 2 
Caspian Terns were flying west.  Lincoln's Sparrow, Yellow, Orange-crowned and 
MacGillivray's Warbler, Warbling Vireo, Rufous Hummingbird, Olive-sided and 
Willow Flycatcher, and Hermit Thrush were found along the ski-school trail.  
Mountain Chickadee and Chipping Sparrow turned the rest stop at Indian John into 
a birding spot.  More warblers were found along the 4-5 mile trip into 
Manastash/Taneum Canyon Rd.  A stop for Western Tanager, ended with excellent looks 
at Gray Catbird and a singing Veery. The soaring Golden Eagle was thoroughly 
enjoyed as it flew against the tree-line and up into the sky.  Scope views of 
Calliope Hummingbird wowed the group with its beauty.  The Yellow-breasted Chat 
greeted everyone with its song and presence at the entrance to Umtanum Creek, 
Canyon Rd.  A House Wren came so close that binocs weren't necessary.  Many 
Lazuli Bunting were heard and seen along the canyon trail.  Scope views of the 
nesting Cooper's Hawk allowed a peek at one fuzzy-headed youngster and 3 
fledged and 1 adult Prairie Falcon on the nearby cliff could be seen well.  Capping 
off the day, was the view of the handsome Swainson's Hawk on Clemon Rd, near 

Joyce Meyer
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