[Tweeters] Robin-like song- Seward Park

Mason Flint masonflint at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 14 15:06:24 PDT 2005

Michael Hobbs pointed out a few weeks back that the Cornell Laboratory of
Ornithology site has a pretty good library of bird songs. The song(s) of the
black-headed grosbeak can vary quite a bit but the sample at the link below
gives you a sense of how it sounds a bit like American Robin.

Take a listen and see if this sounds like what you heard.


Mason Flint
Snoqualmie, WA

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>Subject: [Tweeters] Robin-like song- Seward Park

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>Walking in Seward Park Thursday I heard what I initially thought was a

>Robin, "Cheeri-o, Cheeri-up". But not quite right. Too high in the

>canopy, for one thing, and too, well, musical. Then it went into some

>lovely variations, each starting with the "Cheerio, cheeri-up", but

>going on to an amazing series of chirrups and trills. One series

>sounded like "Cheerio, cheeri-up, too weird, chirrup, so weird,



>After listening and watching for about 10 minutes the author revealed

>itself briefly, to fly from one hidden perch to another high in a Doug

>Fir, but in silhouette (danged sunshine). Smaller than a Robin, thicker

>than a warbler, bigger than a kinglet. And then went silent.


>It reminded me in a way of the manner in which Ruby-crowned Kinglets

>sing seemingly to themselves in the early spring. On and on and on. OK.

>I'm stumped. Any ideas out there?


>Other summer voices in the park this last month: Olive-sided

>Flycatcher, Hutton's Vireo, Pacific-slope Fylcatcher, Townsend's

>Warbler, Yellow Warbler.


>Catherine Alexander

>Lakewood Neighborhood

>South Seattle



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