[Tweeters] RBA Vancouver, BC -- June 13/05

Larry Cowan lawrencecowan at shaw.ca
Mon Jun 13 22:03:21 PDT 2005

This is the Vancouver Natural History Society's Bird Alert for Monday, June
13th, sponsored in part by the Wild Birds Unlimited stores in Vancouver and
North Vancouver.

The featured bird is LEAST FLYCATCHER.

Sightings for Monday, June 13

Observed at Blackie Spit this morning were a WHIMBREL & an OLIVE-SIDED

Sunday, June 12

A calling LEAST FLYCATCHER was heard at Brunswick Point west of the end of
River Road.

An EASTERN KINGBIRD and 30+ BAND-TAILED PIGEONS were reported from Colony
Farm RP.

Saturday, June 11

Reported from Grant Narrows RP in Pitt Meadows were a GRAY CATBIRD, 5

Seen on the VNHS Field Trip at Colony Farm RP were 2 AMERICAN BITTERN, a
GREEN HERON & 2 male LAZULI BUNTINGS.  The most interesting sighting was on
a pair of EASTERN KINGBIRDS carrying nesting material.  The group consensus
was that there is a great possibility of 2 pairs being present.  One pair
was seen displaying near the footbridge.  The pair collecting nesting
material was on the POCO side NW of the bend in the river.

Seen perched on logs on the Fraser River south of the Pitt Meadows Airport
were 3 TURKEY VULTURES waiting to see what a feeding BALD EAGLE might leave

Thursday, June 9

The Grant Narrows Nature Dyke continues to produce GRAY CATBIRDS, EASTERN
KINGBIRDS and BULLOCKS ORIOLES.  It should be pointed out that sections
along this dyke trail are heavily over grown.  Early morning visits will
leave you quite wet from moisture from the vegetation.

Wednesday, June 8

A WESTERN SCREECH-OWL was heard calling in the 300 block of west 13 Ave. in
Vancouver.  It was heard at approx. 11:00 PM and called till around 11:30.

If you have any questions about birds or birding in the Vancouver area,
please call Wayne at (604) 597-7201, Viveka at 531-3401, or Larry at
465-1402. Thank you for calling the Vancouver Bird Alert, and good birding.


For further information about birding in the Vancouver area, log onto
the Vancouver Natural History Society's website at

Larry Cowan
Pitt Meadows, BC
lawrencecowan at shaw.ca

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