[Tweeters] Peregrine chicks hatch at steel mill (Indiana)

Susan Collicott camel at drizzle.com
Tue Jun 14 22:03:07 PDT 2005

GARY, Ind. - Three peregrine falcon chicks have hatched in a nest at the
U.S. Steel mill along Lake Michigan, wildlife biologists said.


I have fond memories of driving past this steel mill in the family car (or
rather, the parents driving!) because seeing that mill meant that home was
just a few hours away - we'd be home by time I woke up in the morning, I'd
be in my own bed.

So it tickles me to no end to realize now that they have hatched 36
falcons there!

Alas, and lost one, it says.

Susan (michigander still at heart)
camel at drizzle.com
Sunset Hill neighborhood, Seattle, WA

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