[Tweeters] Partridges/Chukars in my neighborhood

Alyssa Sampson alyssasampson at comcast.net
Wed Jun 15 23:27:02 PDT 2005

Hi Tweeters,

Just thought I'd mention a strange sight in my Maple Leaf neighborhood
today. Our next door neighbor said he saw a pack of
gallinacious-looking birds around NE 85th and 8th Ave, too big to be
quail. I strolled down to check them out and about four blocks north of
where he saw them I spotted one such critter, neck extended high,
scurrying across the road. Six more were down a side street. My first
thought upon sighting them was "Chukars!" After consulting my field
guide I think they are either Red-legged Partridges or Chukars. A lady
on the street told me they were quail, correcting me when I said
"Chukars", but they definitely are not what I understand to be quail.
Maybe in the game-bird and fowl-raising world they call more species
quail than I do. I presume someone was raising them and they got out. I
don't know which species someone would be more likely to be raising in
their yard. Whatever they are, they are juveniles, and rather buffy
with less distinct markings than an adult. Bright red legs and dark
lateral stripes on their sides, definitely, and about 14 inches long.
No crest at all.

Maybe I should have reported them to someone...

Alyssa Sampson
Maple Leaf, Seattle
alyssasampson at comcast.net

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