[Tweeters] Okanagan Valley (BC) Rare Bird Alert - June 16 update

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Thu Jun 16 19:30:40 PDT 2005

This is the Okanagan Valley (BC) Bird Alert sponsored by the Central
Okanagan Naturalists Club.

Sightings for Thursday, June 16 – 7:30 PM update

(Revelstoke and Williams Lake) and SABINE'S GULL (Penticton)

Featured Birds Include:

BARRED OWL (Kelowna)
RUSTY BLACKBIRD (Okanagan Falls)

Other birds mentioned:

Sandhill Crane
Northern Saw-whet Owl
American Redstart
Grasshopper Sparrow
Yellow-breasted Chat
Flammulated Owl

Sightings for June 16

A male DICKCISSEL is present approx 10 km east of Sorrento BC near the
Balmoral area. The following directions were given. Proceed east on Hwy 1
out of Sorrento. Before the Balmoral area turn right onto Notch Hill Rd.,
then a quick left on to White Creek Frontage Rd. and again a sharp right
onto Peterson Rd. Travel to the end of the pavement. The bird is being
seen about 200m beyond this point near a pond (TH,ED)

On June 15, a SABINE'S GULL was on the beach in Penticton near the SS.
Sicamous (AT)

Bata Forest Service Road in Ellison on June 15 (TF).

Okanagan Birders should be on the lookout for NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRDS since
recent reports have come from the Revelstoke area (AA) and the Williams Lake
area (fide PR).

A WESTERN SCREECH-OWL was found roosting along the Garnet Valley Road, W. of
Summerland (LN). The bird was two km beyond the end of the pavement.

A RUSTY BLACKBIRD was at Venner Meadows, E. of Okanagan Falls on June 12

Sightings for June 11

A possible CUCKOO was heard in the Garnet Valley near Summerland (CC,RT).
The bird called repeatedly in the thick riparian habitat 2 km beyond the end
of the pavement. The bird responded briefly to tape but could not be seen.

At least 2 singing male SAGE THRASHERS were along White Lake Road, 200
meters S. of the Twin Lakes Road intersection this morning (CC,m.ob). In the
grass at the S. end of White Lake a GRASSHOPPER SPARROW was heard

A SANDHILL CRANE was at the N. end of Osoyoos Lake, visable from the
overlook at the S. end of Black Sage Road (DW,m.ob).

YELLOW-BREASTED CHATS were seen briefly at River Road and along Sawmill Road
in Oliver (DW,m.ob).

Three fledgling NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWLS were in the pine trees beside the
gravel pull out at Belgo Pond in Rutland in the evening (CC).

Two FLAMMULATED OWLS were heard on the evening of the 10th at the Bald Range
on Kelowna's Westside (RT,MM,m.ob).

A first year male AMERICAN REDSTART was singing along the Vaseux Boardwalk
on June 10 (YA).

Sightings for 8 June

Two SAGE THRASHERS, the first spring reports were again heard and seen at
White Lake, about 300 metres east of the T-intersection of the White
Lake-Fairview Roads (BL, LN). These bird have been present here since 6


If you have any questions about birding in the Okanagan Valley call Chris
Charlesworth in Kelowna at (250) 718-0335, Dick Cannings in Naramata at
(250) 496-4019, or Phil Gehlen in Vernon at (250) 542-8053.

Observers Initials: CC - Chris Charlesworth; LN – Laurie Neish; YA - Yousef
Attlia; MM - Mike Mulligan; RT - Ryan Tomlinson; DW - Don Wilson; AT -
Andreas Taschler; PR - Phil Ranson; AA - Allison Alvorado; TH - Ted Hillary;
ED - Ed Dahl; JJ - Jukka Jantunen; TF - Trevor Forder;

Chris Charlesworth
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