[Tweeters] Bird at Marymoor Park on Friday

Bboyton at aol.com Bboyton at aol.com
Sun Jun 19 19:44:18 PDT 2005

Hello tweeters.

I initially wasn't going to report this, as I did not feel that I could make
a positive identification, but I am curious about what others might know.
Mid-morning last Friday, I was walking the grassy area west of Clise Mansion.
There were two robins working the north end of the area, and also a third bird.
Slender, brown-and white streaked, a long tail, and with dark eye and slender
dark bill, it was probing the ground. The nearby robins gave a good size
comparison, making it 6-7 inches. One of the robins drove it off, which I thought
was unusual. It flew a little further away, where I watched it probing the
soil further. There were two wing bars, I would call them, but not well
defined. I thought there was more streaking on the top of the bird than the
underside, but am not certain.

I can't say what it was, but I was wondering if anyone has seen American
pipits at Marymoor, and would that be a feasible sighting this time of year?

Bill Boyington
Shoreline, WA
bboyton at aol.com

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