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carenp carenp at totalise.co.uk
Mon Jun 20 23:47:05 PDT 2005

two osprey, one with fish, both being harassed by almost-adult bald eagle...
ten minutes after we saw all three disappear in toward the park, the eagle
is seen headed to juanita beach with a fish...  hmmm...

several young beaver, reports of TWO long-tailed weasels seen yesterday...
numerous great blue heron juveniles trying out their wings;  one went into a
stall about 50 feet up trying to maneuver on a thermal, two others tried to
land "correctly" in a tree where branches were thinner than adult crest
feathers :)  still wondering if these birds are local to medina, marymoor,
kenmore, or ??

what's going on with the female woodies?  over the last several days, i've
watched almost every one of them abandon chicks in the water, flying off
towards forbes creek, only to return maybe 20-30 minutes later...  the
largest (oldest) chick doesn't appear to have a mother, and has lasted two
days so far...  he's about half-size, and doesn't look to be flight-worthy
for a few weeks yet...

red-winged blackbirds are again asserting territorial rights over herons,
bouncing off said "interlopers" from time to time...

and whitewall, the partial-albino red-winged blackbird, appears to have been
pushed out of his territory (the middle cattail meadow) of the past four
years...  he has a new tree now, a small willow just north of the car park,
and has been easily seen at that tree every evening the past several days...
before this past week, he was rarely seen outside "his" meadow, and now he's
rarely seen anywhere near it...

00 caren
trying to keep from being eaten at JBP
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