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This is the Washington Birdbox report for Tuesday, June 21, 2005.

Saturday, June 18, 1:13 PM
Hi, this is George Goertz and Brad Waggoner reporting on a EURASIAN
COLLARED DOVE found at Bassett Park in Washtucna today, which is June
18th at about noon. We watched the bird for half an hour and it was
preening and calling, so it was there in the park when we left. Adios.

Saturday, June 18, 5:40 PM
Hi, Steve Mlodinow reporting an ORCHARD ORIOLE and a WHITE-RUMPED
SANDPIPER. The Orchard Oriole an immature male between Schwana and
Mattawa. From Vantage, cross the Columbia and then head towards
Schwana. Go through Schwana past the mouth of Crab Creek. Before you
get to Mattawa on your right, there is a pull-out that would fit four
or five cars surrounded by concrete block; actually, there is No
Parking signs there - Tow Away. A little further down the road, maybe
50 feet, there is a pull-out there that could adequately handle one or
two cars and it's unsigned. This is PUD property; there's no No
Trespassing signs. If you walk from the parking area directly to the
river, that's approximately where the oriole was. It was quite a green
bird. He was drawn in to a group of birds that were attacking a Great
Horned Owl. The total stretch of riparian is about two kilometers long,
still a big area to search.

The WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER is at the Iowa Beef or Tyson Ponds. If
you're entering from Iowa Beef-Dodd Road, it is at the second pond,
which is the first pond that really has birds, and it was sitting on
the pond with Wilson's Phalaropes, Avocets, Stilts, etc. It was there
from 3 to 5. Good luck and good birding.

Sunday, June 19, 9:07 PM
This is Douglas Marshall for Sunday at 8:30 in the morning. At the
Montlake Fill, there were two EASTERN KINGBIRDS. They were located
north of Wahkiakum Lane by Shoveler Pond. By 9:30, I was able to locate
one Eastern Kingbird. It was south of Wahkiakum Lane and just west of
Shoveler Pond.

Transcribed by Nancy Hertzel
autumn207 at comcast.net

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