[Tweeters] Oak Bay - Hummingbird feeder activity

Dave Nuttall dave_nuttall at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 30 18:30:14 PDT 2005

The chart below summarizes the activity at the feeders located at our house
on the south side of Oak Bay, between Port Ludlow and Port Hadlock. The
vertical axis represents sugar consumption in grams per day. Using my
estimate that each bird takes about one gram of sugar a day from a given
location, it shows 20-30 birds in March, a steady increase to 200 or so in
April, and then peaks in the 800 to 1000 range in mid-May and early-June.
At this location, unlike Bellevue, there are lots of females at the feeders
during the day - so an alternative explanation for the size of the peaks may
be that nesting females are prepared to utilize feeders at a single location
for most of their needs.

P.S. If the chart does not make it though Tweeters intact, please let me
know if you would like a copy sent to you directly.

Dave Nuttall

Oak Bay, WA

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Olele chart
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