[Tweeters] Killdeers at night?

nick page nickpage502 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 1 15:11:27 PST 2005

Reading about the nocturnal activity of some shorebirds on tweeters gave me 
the incentive I needed to brave the cold nights and check out some non-owl 
avian noises I had been hearing at my house. After several attempts I got 
close enough to see a pair of killdeer in my torchlight, judging by the 
noise there were more but I didn't see them.
It's no surprise to see killdeer nearby as they have nested on unused parts 
of our gravel driveway in previous years but I was surprised at how very 
active they are at night and the variety of calls they make.
I was wondering if anyone else has 'nocturnal' killdeer and if this is usual 
behaviour for them. Is it just down to courting/mating or is it year round? 
Do they eat insects like bats would? I have seen them during the day too so 
when do they sleep? It's a treat to hear birds at night as well as during 
the day! Thanks for any help.
Nick Page
Ferndale, WA
mailto:nickpage502 at hotmail.com

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