[Tweeters] McLane Creek; birds and newts

Guttman, Burt GuttmanB at evergreen.edu
Thu Mar 10 09:42:12 PST 2005

My grandson Benjy and I walked McLane Creek, southwest of Olympia, yesterday. Red-winged Blackbirds singing and establishing territories; Mallards, Am Wigeon, Wood Ducks, Hooded Merganser, and Ring-necked Ducks on the pond. Then we started to see little brown newts, and by the end of our walk we had seen a dozen of them! Using Leonard, Brown, Jones, McAllister, and Storm's Amphibians of Washington and Oregon, I would call all of them the aquatic-phase adult form (male?) of the Rough-skinned Newt. Kelly M.: Is it unusual to see so many of them? It sure was unusual for me, and for Benjy. He was very excited by them. Also, one Red-legged Frog. All in all, a great morning.

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