[Tweeters] my hopelessly narcissistic right wing JUNCO

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Thu Mar 10 05:00:20 PST 2005

Webster's defines narcissism as follows:  "(1) self-love; excessive interest 
in one's own appearance, comfort, importance, abilities, etc.,  (2) 
'Psychoanalysis' -- arrest at or regression to the first stage of libidinal development, 
in which the self is the object of erotic pleasure."

Heee's back!  My hopelessly obsessive / compulsive narcissistic adult male 
Dark-eyed Junco has returned to his now familiar antics for the third year in a 
row.  Each year since 2003 around the first of March, this one Junco takes to 
attacking the right side view mirrors on both of my two Subarus.  He spends 
all day at it from dawn to dusk.  Relentless, day after day, week after week 
after week he flutters and dances before his image in the mirrors.  The mess is 
at the very least annoying, constantly pooping then smearing it all over the 
mirror, the window, and the door.

The mystery is WHY only the right side.  One car is under the carport, the 
other alongside is out.  Even when I've turned the cars around, he still stays 
with the right side and has NEVER, EVER attacked the left.  Bizarre.  Even when 
I've tried discouraging this behavior by folding the mirrors in, he still 
manages to squeeze himself in the little 2-inch crack between the mirror and the 
window which of course makes the mess even worse.  The only solution is to 
cover the mirrors with little black plastic bags; you know, the kind you might 
get at a ...ughm, porn shop.  Then, he just goes off to the next door neighbors 
car.  As soon as I uncover my mirrors, he's back in an instant.  I can even 
sit in the car and watch this relentless behavior up close and personal which 
doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest.

This apparent narcissism goes on all Spring right into June.  Since I am 
always out of town through April and May, I don't see it but the neighbors do to 
their frustration.  I leave my mirrors covered, but once I return around the 
first of June, uncover the mirrors, this same Junco promptly returns and 
continues these relentless performances well into mid to late June.  Finally, by July 
it stops.

It would seem that Webster's 'psychoanalysis' noting "obsession with self" 
might in fact be fitting.  Even though he is the brightest (not necessarily 
meaning smart) Junco in the neighborhood (bold crisp colors and biggest, 
brightest, whitest tail) he seems to be obsessed only with himself.  I really wonder if 
perhaps he is so obsessed with himself with his fluttering, dancing, and 
constant smearing defecations that this perhaps a simple manifestation of "Junco 
self eroticism" to such an extreme that he doesn't have time nor care to find a 
mate.  His name?  Well, Narcissus of course!

In addition, with respect to right vs left, could he just be a hard line 
'right winger' or might he be a hard line 'left winger' obsessed with attacking 
only the right?

Meanwhile, in my local war or terror (the yard variety), I seem to have 
gained the upper hand with the Aplodontia insurgency with no recent signs, 
sightings, or sounds.  Seven of those not so little bastards now captured this year in 
24x7x7 inch Havaharts and transported for release along the banks of the 
South Fork Snoqualmie off I-90, Exit 38 east of North Bend.  I'm getting to know 
that Exit quite well by now to where I can even find it in my sleep.  Actually 
a rather neat and scenic spot where Dippers are a frequent sight during my now 
routine trips there.

Richard Rowlett 
Bellevue (Eastgate), WA
"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what 
nobody has thought" --Albert Szent-Gyorgi (1893-1986).

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