[Tweeters] Othello area reports

Thor Manson tmanson at sd78.bc.ca
Mon Mar 21 19:02:52 PST 2005

Tweeters: Didn't attend the Sandhill Crane Festival on the weekend, as
Jason Osterhold and I were on a marathon 48 hour road trip to see
Black-throated Blue Warbler in Portland, Falcated Teal in Coburg, and N.
Hawk Owl in Bend, ( only dip ). We came back via Othello, and saw Sandhill
Crane along Corfu Rd. in the p.m. and Tricolored Blackbird about 100 yards
north of the Para Ponds in Othello, on the right in what looked like a
feedlot operation. In the same lot were Brewer's Blackbirds, Brown-headed
Cowbirds, and Yellow-headed Blackbirds. The Red-winged Blackbirds were
around Para Ponds.

Thor Manson
Hope, B.C.

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