[Tweeters] Cascadia Hummingbird Report - 03/28/2005

Mike Patterson celata at pacifier.com
Sun Mar 27 19:09:59 PST 2005

Cascadia Hummingbird Report - 03/28/2005

Weather this week has been stormy and wet with temperatures around
normal (a bit warmer in some placer and colder in others).  This
appears to have slowed the migration.

Lee Cain and his daughter sent in this observation, which definitely
falls into the unusual behavior category:
"Naomi and I experienced the coolest hummer behavior I have seen 
yet at Lagoon Lake in the Oregon sand dunes [Lane Co near Florence]. 
As we were walking around the campground trail, a female RUFOUS 
HUMMINGBIRD zoomed in to a spot about 2 meters from our feet, and lit 
on the GROUND at a recently dried up puddle. She then began scarfing 
down some tiny critters while actually standing on her two little 
feet -- she was not hovering.  We watched transfixed, and then as 
soon as she had buzzed away, we got down on our hands and knees to 
see what she had been after.  Coming out of the mud were 3 or 4 tiny 
emerging midge adults, and I am fairly certain that these must have 
been what she was eating."

Of course, insect eating is a well known behavior.  Insects are 
probably the primary nutritional food source for early arriving
Rufous Hummingbirds and an important protein source for nestlings. 
I've seen both Rufous and Anna's Hummingbirds work hatch-clouds 
of flying midges on many occasions, but ground pecking for emergent
bugs is a new one on me.

Naselle, WA       	02-19-2005	50	46.4144	123.7262
Denman Is, BC     	03-01-2005	60	49.5333	124.8167
Lund, BC          	03-15-2005	74	49.9667	124.7667
Olympia, WA (2)   	03-18-2005	77	47.0419	122.8938
Oregon City, OR   	03-18-2005	77	45.3449	122.5968
Ucluelet, BC      	03-20-2005	79	48.9333	125.5500
Dunbar, BC        	03-20-2005	79	49.2500	123.1833
Miller Canyon, AZ 	03-21-2005	80	31.4046	109.9175
Patagonia, AZ     	03-23-2005	82	31.4147	110.2758
Monroe, WA        	03-26-2005	85	47.8556	121.9697

For more information on tracking Rufous Hummingbirds see:

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