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I second that!

Equally depressing, I think, is a non-industrialized landscape devoid of wildlife and other animals. About 5 years ago I became interested in what birds might have become locally extinct in China and areas of Tibet during the 1900's and a fellow birder recommended the following book by Joseph Becker: Hungry ghosts: Mao's secret famine. Emotionally this book is a difficult read, but an eye opener. Joy's message reminded me that I would like to continue this research as time permits. Anyone else know anything about the decline in bird populations during the famines and strife in China? I got started on this track after readng a book about travel in Tibet (can't remember the author and title at the moment) in which the author mentioned local declines/expatriation/extinctions in duck populations in Tibet.

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> Hello Tweeters;

> Recently I was told by a family member, who sometimes works as a

> quality control specialist at a plant in China, how devoid of non-human

> creatures their lives are. Here is the picture: A walled compound

> contains various industrial plants. Tall apartments surround this area

> close enough so the people can walk to work. 80,000 male workers go to

> work there everyday and hope they can produce well enough to keep their

> jobs one more day. There are no dogs, cats or other animals- just

> people. Vacation places, where they could potentially see wildlife, are

> reserved for the wealthy. This gives me chills and makes me realize how

> fortunate we are just to move around and experience nature! Tweeterland

> is heaven on earth.


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