[Tweeters] Snowy Owl near Davenport

Stefan Schlick greenfant at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 27 20:51:03 PST 2005

As of yesterday, the Cape May Warbler in Spokane Valley is still coming to the feeders religiously every day. Contact Cindy McCormick at cbird AT comcast.net if you are interested.

On my way home from rainy Spokane, a Snowy Owl flew across SR 26 southwest of Davenport. It then landed in a barren field and offered spectacular looks. The exact location was MP 114.3.

Other good birds in this general area include:

4 Ferruginous Hawks (3 at Wilson Creek - see Opperman for the exact spot; 1 off SR 26 at MP 83.5)
5 Rough-legged Hawks along SR 26
3 Loggerhead Shrikes

Para Ponds, Othello:

~100 Tricolored Blackbirds in several flocks (they were not calling)
~250 (!) Yellow-headed Blackbirds
1 American Avocet
Several Canvasbacks and Redheads

I spent about 1 hour to find a Burrowing Owl east of Othello and along Dobson/Frenchman Hills Rd, but was unsuccessful.

I also missed Sage Thrasher along the Old Vantage Hwy late afternoon, but managed to get good looks at a few Sage Sparrows (MP 16 & 19) and a Northern Shrike.

Stefan Schlick

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