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MFHorn24 at aol.com MFHorn24 at aol.com
Thu Mar 31 13:54:06 PST 2005

Hi Tweets: I usually go owling once or twice a month for the more typical
owls in the region such as Great Horned, Barred, W. Screech, Saw-whet and
Barn. And at different types of the year I'll go for target species such as
Flammulated. I'm not sure how the 'eye blindness' topic went weird but it's
always a good idea to point the flashlight 4 to 6 feet to the side of the owl
where you can still get a quick observation w/out blinding the owl. I remember
driving along I-5 near the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge and counting over 30
dead Barn Owls in an incredibly short distance. Most of us have had Barn Owls
do low fly-overs in front of our cars at night in rural areas. I live in
Orting and commute home at 2am and it happens just about nightly. I'd guess the
owls are using my headlights to even more better their vision in the fields.
I've heard if you put an owl in a completely dark room they'll be totally
blind. However, if you light a match in the room it will become completely
light for them. Owls have several more rods than cones (I hope I got that
right) so their light capabilites are incredible yet they see in only black and
white. If you're owling for species such as Great Horned or Screech, tapes
and renditions of their calls may not even be needed. Great Horneds are so
vocal in January you can go to just about any field along a woodlot near
pre-dawn and have fun!! Do some camping in the Cascades this summer near a lake and
chances are very good you'll be serenaded by Barred Owls in your campsite!!
Anyways, just my two owlish cents! Bryan Mathews, Orting, mail to:
mfhorn24 at aol.com

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