[Tweeters] Cowlitz Co. CAQU 10/30/05

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 2 18:08:49 PST 2005

Hi Tweets -
[PS- Sorry Stewart, this report is not about a Cardinal Quelea, it's
the _other CAQU I write about here]

I was entering my records from this past weekend when I discovered
that the California Quail I had seen in Cowlitz were a rare [5]
species for Cowlitz. Sorry for the late report, but I'm guessing they
are still there if anyone is interested:
Where: Woodland Bottoms, at the public fishing access off the
intersection of Caples & Dike road. [Opperman guide, p. 243]. There
were at least a couple dozen wandering around right by the main
roadway there.

Also in the general Woodland Bottoms area on Sunday - many many
Sandhill Cranes, large flocks of Canadas & Cackling Geese, a few
Great Egrets, and many sparrows, though none turned into a surprise


Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA


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