[Tweeters] Northern Spotted Owl (2nd Message)

Tom Schmitz TomS at seattleaudubon.org
Sun Nov 6 19:26:57 PST 2005

Really truly - it is urgent that each and every one of you take 3
minutes today or tomorrow (Sunday or Monday) to click on the link  below
and submit a letter calling on the state to protect Spotted  Owls.


This campaign has been an amazing one and it is not over yet - but
believe me:  we are at an extremely critical junction this week, and it
is truly the case that your letters will make a difference. 

The policy details can be somewhat complicated, but our basic request

"We need interim protections for spotted owls *now* while the
longer-term rulemaking process unfolds."

Additional talking points:

*       As a concerned citizen of Washington state, I am  appalled  that
so much logging has occurred over the last ten years in critical spotted
owl habitat. 

*       Protecting owl habitat maintains older forests, the source of
our clean air and pure water. What helps the spotted owl helps people
as well. 

*       While the Spotted Owl faces new threats, such as the barred  owl
and fire-prone forests, habitat is as important as ever. When a patient
is sick, you do not take away his/her home and food supply.
Again, these letters really will make a difference - please submit yours
right away!

AND. . . If you are interested in advocating for Washington's Northern
Spotted Owls at the Forest Practice Board meeting in Olympia this
Wednesday, please call Tom Schmitz at (206) 523-8243 Ext. 21.

We need your voice!

Marina Skumanich
Seattle Audubon Conservation Chair

Thomas M. Schmitz
Director of Communication & Development
Seattle Audubon

Seattle Audubon cultivates and leads a community that
values and protects birds and the natural environment.
(206) 523-8243  Ext  21  *  TomS at SeattleAudubon.org
8050 35 Ave NE   *  Seattle, WA 98115

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