[Tweeters] No Ivory Gull today

Bob Norton norton36 at olypen.com
Wed Nov 2 18:32:55 PST 2005

Today I checked the Elwha Dike with my wife. More Thayers Gulls than
anything else (the usual winter situation). I had my first Common Goldeneye
of the season and there was still one Heermann"s Gull as well as a
smattering of Mews, Californias and a few hybrids. One of the Thayer's had a
bright yellow eye but otherwise was a good Thayer's.
I still have not checked Port Angeles Harbor.

Bruce Moorhead checked out 3 Crabs:
< I birded the Three Crabs area today with John Willits from about 10-11
a.m.; saw nothing resembling an Ivory Gull. We did however observe ~50
Calif. Gulls, ~30 Olympic Gulls, and 1 Mew Gull; 4 Canvasbacks (1 M, 3 F),
and 5 Eurasian Wigeons with ~1500 American Wigeons, ~20 Pintails, 3 G-W
Teals, 2 Mallards, and ~50 Western Sandpipers. Plus 2 Bald Eagles and 1

While scoping to the west from the west side of the Three Crabs parking lot,
we were also somewhat surprised when a female deer with twin fawns suddenly
appeared to the north of us along the waters' edge from the base of the old
jetty, and then passed in front of us along the algae-strewn shoreline to
the west. Seemed like they must have been feeding in the brackish pond area
just east of restaurant, but I haven't obs. deer moving along the shoreline
here before.>
Bob Norton
norton36 at olypen.com
Joyce (near Port Angeles), WA

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