[Tweeters] Washington Christmas Bird Counts

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at verizon.net
Sun Nov 13 18:57:04 PST 2005

Tweeters - I've put a listing of the 53 Washington Christmas Bird Counts
(including those shared with OR, ID, and BC) on the Washington
Ornithological Society.

Hopefully all of the information is right (if you are involved with a count,
please make sure your listing is correct and complete).

There are still a few counts that I haven't heard back about - they are
listed in GREEN on the site, and that information is left-over from last
year. If you know about these counts, or know an email for someone who
should, please get in touch with me. The counts I still need help on are:

Also, if there are any Washington counts that I have missed, please let me
know. A new addition to my listing this year is LEAVENWORTH, though they
started a year or two ago. I simply hadn't heard about them until this

The CBC listing is at http://www.wos.org/WACBCs.htm

I urge all of you to participate in a count or two or three...

== Michael Hobbs
== Washington Ornithological Society webmaster
== http://www.wos.org
== BirdMarymoor at verizon.net

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