[Tweeters] BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER at Bottle Beach

Flores floresnw at gte.net
Sun Nov 20 19:52:14 PST 2005

Today while birding Bottle Beach State Park, Grays Harbor County, with Grace
and Ollie Oliver, and my husband Bob, we found a BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER. We
first saw it on the trail in the last clearing before coming to the beach.
We then relocated it in the wooded area between the slough and the beach to
the west of the trail, and then finally saw it again on the trail as we were
leaving the beach. It actively flew across and on both sides of the trail.

It was very active and calling it's nasal, buzzy, call. It allowed us
several close looks at it's thin bill, white eye ring, and bright white
outer tail feathers. It certainly made up for missing the Snowy Owl.

Oh, and we also had a garter snake at the John's River Wildlife Refuge!

Paula Flores
Sammamish, WA
floresnw AT gte.net

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