[Tweeters] SNOWY OWL at Ediz Hook

rschndr at juno.com rschndr at juno.com
Tue Nov 22 07:50:40 PST 2005

Sorry for the late posting - computer trouble. In thick fog late Sunday afternoon I found an immature SNOWY OWL on the strait side rocks about 50 yards west of the boat ramp restrooms on Ediz Hook. The bird was very tolerant of the few cars and walkers (even a big leashed dog) passing less than 50 feet away. It did not leave its perch during the hour I watched it, and was only mildly annoyed by a half dozen gulls that harassed it briefly. It dozed briefly but was otherwise very alert. It was heavily barred, and had some tawny color on the crown. I got some photos, but not digital, so that will take a little while.
My guess is the owl got caught by the fog while headed elsewhere - visibility was bad enough (<1/4 mi.) that you couldn't see the mainland. The fog lifted Monday a.m., and no sign of the bird at 10 a.m. or 4 p.m.
There may be enough habitat at the Coast Guard station to keep the bird around, or it may have moved on entirely - Dungeness, Three Crabs? Keep your eyes peeled! I can't get out there again till Thursday (pesky work!), but will report if I can.
Richard Schneider
Port Angeles

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