[Tweeters] Do Anna's hummers have to winter near water?

Johnson, Mary MJohnson at becu.org
Tue Nov 29 12:29:42 PST 2005

At Vashon's fabulous nursery Dig, there are yellow Mahonias "Arthur
Menzies" blooming now, and the staff said that Anna's have been present
constantly. I live in Auburn in a slightly rural suburban neighborhood,
and I refrained from buying any because I didn't think I'd get any
Anna's since my home is not near any sizable body of water. Do any of
you have winter Anna's and NOT live near water? Also, don't you think I
should go back to Vashon and buy a Mahonia or two? (Hint: the answer to
the second question is yes; they smelled divine and had blooming
spires.) But I'd love to hear more about your winter Anna's . . . My
mom in Normandy Park has had them for at least 10 years.

Mary Johnson
Auburn, WA
mjohnson at becu.org

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