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J & B Adamowski LaComa jennandbryan at msn.com
Tue Oct 4 20:20:34 PDT 2005

The Crow question is a real interesting one and I am not sure anybody really understands the entire thing.  I have heard that the latest theory is that they fly to the horizon every night to reorganize their internal compass and then check off to a familiar roosting spot.  Interesting.  There are 3 different "murders" that roost in and around Lake Washington that I am familiar with.  Maybe people out there have more specifics.  The ones that I see are in general around Foster Island, Kenmore and a small but blossoming community in Shoreline.  The numbers can be staggering and it reminds me of something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie for sure on occasion.  Does anybody really know what is happening here?   

Bryan LaComa
jennandbryan at msn.com
Shoreline, Wa.

p.s.  The Fall/Winter flocks seem to be gaining momentum.  10-20 Junco's in the yard everyday, 200-300 Coots in the North end of Lake Washington now everyday, Kinglets, Bushtits and Chickadees emptying the suet every 2 days and Turkey Vultures in Kenmore/Seattle!  Looks like everybody is getting to their spots for the next 4-5 months!  Also saw 2 Western Grebes at mid-span on 520-another sign of the changing of the guard for sure!
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