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Wed Oct 5 10:03:58 PDT 2005

Oct 5 '05

Hi Tweeters,

It looks like I have to add my 2 cents worth about the unusual Dipper behavior. Back in the late 1980's, when I was active and had a car of my own, I encountered a Dipper at a beaver pond along upper Oyster Creek, behind Larrabee State Park. This is near the coast in the lowlands, and it was late May. It almost looked as if it were nesting around there.

I also saw them "playing Phalarope" on Bagley Lakes, near Heather Meadows near Mt. Baker.

As for Ivory-bills, that site in Arkansas appears to be isolated from wider foraging territory, i.e. pine hinterlands. I tend to go along with the proposition, mentioned in an article in "North American Birds" (vol 59, no. 2, 2005), that there's a strong possibility of their presence in the Appalachicola area of Florida. Well, I can dream, can't I?

Phil Hotlen

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