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Fri Oct 7 19:53:50 PDT 2005

October 7  '05

Hello again Tweeters;

I see, in going throughthe accumulated messages in this inbox, that there is still some residual interest in Dippers. So I'll insert this one on the subject. Actually, I think I sent this same message to Tweeters many years ago from my student account at WWU.

The (infamous) 1972 Olympic Games were held mostly in MMuniich. But a few events were held at locations outside that city. One of those events was the Kayak competition, which was held in Augsburg, about  40 miles away, and where I was stationed at thee US Army Hospital at the time.

The Kayak run was artificially built at a dam on the Lech River near the Zoo. It was basically a modified spillway, with artificial boulders, etc. resulting in a lot of "white water." Well, you guessed  it, that stretch was discovered by a couple of European (White-throated) Dippers. I don't have the dates handy when I saw them there, but I assume they were just visiting and not nesting around there. I slaso wonder if they found much to eat in that new structure. Maybe they just liked the rapids, and then went elsewhere to dine.

Well, so much for  Dippers...

Phil Hotlen
Bellingham, WA
vogelfreund at comcast.net

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