[Tweeters] Clay-Colored Sparrow @ Marymoor - Yes 10/08/05

Aaron Martin aamartin at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 11:26:46 PDT 2005

Tweets I went up to Marymoor this morning to see if I could get a
better look at the Clay-colored Sparrow (CCSP). Yesterday I didn't
have my optics and only got fleeting glimpses by borrowing Paula and
Ned's (thanks). This morning I easily found the sparrow forging on
the brush in front of the black-berry bushes to the North and South of
the large compost pile. It seemed to alternate between the north bush
and the south flying over the large pile when on the move. According
to Peterson the brown rump is a useful field mark in distinguishing
between the Chipping and Clay-Colored Sparrow and I got good long
looks at the rump and agree with the ID of CCSP. I took some photos
however it was still early and I didn't have my tripod so some of the
photos are blurry due to hand shake. But they are good enough for the
record. Photos are at:


Aaron Martin
Seattle, WA

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