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vogelfreund at comcast.net vogelfreund at comcast.net
Mon Oct 10 19:56:09 PDT 2005

October 10 '05

Hi Tweeters;

Although I haven't owned a mut since I was a teen in the early 50's, I consider myself as a dog-lover for the most part. For example, my Grandparents' black lab saved my little brother from drowning, when he fell through thin ice on Lake Mendota in Wisconsin.

I also think a dog that is trained to mind commands could be very useful in sniffing out birds such as hard-to-find grouse. I once met a birding couple around Mt. Baker with such a valuable dog.

Naturally, I don't like unsociable dogs that are trained to be mean to people.

Well, there you have my (incomplete) point of view.

Phil Hotlen
Belliinghham, WA
vogelfreund at comcast.net

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