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Glenn glenn.hansen at usa.net
Tue Oct 11 13:46:40 PDT 2005

So the dog owner is a idiot and you are going to make the dog suffer for it.
Not only that before you pull the trigger on that squirt gun remember you
are dealing with an idiot owner and the reaction you receive when he sees
his dog in pain may be far worse than a wet pawed dirty shirt. Is birding so
important to you you feel the need to act as ignorant as the ones you
complain about. IOW taking the law into your own hands is usually a poor

Glenn Hansen
glenn.hansen at usa.net
Tacoma, Wa

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> Many, many years ago when I had a bicycle paper route, I cured several
> aggressive dogs with a squirt gun filled with one part vinegar and ten
> water.
> George B. Cobel
> GBCobel at comcast.net
> Renton, WA
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