[Tweeters] In the Company of Crows and Ravens

Ruth Taylor rutht at seanet.com
Wed Oct 12 21:22:05 PDT 2005

Hi All:

I second Mike's recommendation, as I read this while I was on vacation a
couple of weeks ago.
It's interesting, a bit different from the usual bird book, and will
definitely make you think about paying more attention to your shiny,
black-feathered neighbors.
I also will be curious to see what reactions it gets from others in the
scientific community who have studied corvids.

    Ruth Taylor
    rutht at seanet.com

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Subject: [Tweeters] In the Company of Crows and Ravens

>A few days ago I picked up a copy of the new book by John Marzluff and Tony
Angell "In the Company of Crows and Ravens" at Flora and Fauna books. Good
thing I have today off, because I can't put it down: it's excellent reading!
I highly recommend it to everyone in tweeterland. By the way, the two
authors will be at Flora and Fauna books (121 First Avenue at S Washington
St, 206-623-4727) this Sunday, October 16 from 2-4 p.m. for book signing.
>Mike Donahue
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