[Tweeters] gill netted birds & other things

Bryan Owens obryan214 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 13 09:06:21 PDT 2005

Hello everybody,

A depressing site on Hood Canal tuesday afternoon. I was going to scout for Coho at the Tahuya River and when I arrived at the Union boat launch some Mason County employees were loading a gill net into a truck. From what I was told it was here for four days and made the hole place smell. Besides the rotting salmon, crabs, starfish and other fish in it were at least 2 Western Grebes and at least 1 Common Murre. Their may have been more that I didn't see inside the pile. A street sweeper was standing by to clean up the fish heads and other garbage left behind on the ramp.

The tribe (Skokomish) was contacted by nieghbors and at least one tribal member but they did nothing as usual toward the nets owner.

I see this happening every year on the canal starting about this time. Soon their will be nets laying around Hoodsport and Saltwater Park as well. Two years ago we cut a live Western Grebe out of a net farther north in the canal, I think it survived.

Anybody know why my tweeters mail all of a sudden started going into the bulk folder?

Bryan Owens
Tacoma Wa.
obryan214 at yahoo.com

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